The Athos Peninsula, "Panagia's orchard" is located close to Thessaloniki, on the east side of Chalkidiki. It is a very speci where natural beauty, historical wealth and spiritual treasures flood the environment full of blessing and holiness. It includ Holy Monasteries and other monastic institutions and is unofficially described as an "Autonomous Monastic State". It is a c pilgrimage destination that highlights the richness of the Orthodox tradition and faith of Greece. In the Athos peninsula, ac the old Byzantine order, women are not allowed to enter. In 1926, Mount Athos became a self-governing part of the Greek accordance with the constitutional decree of Lozanne (1924).According to it, depends on the Patriarchate of Constantinop supervised by Greece.

In order someone to visit Mount Athos, they need to schedule the exact day of entrance to it. Then, they need to come in contact with the Pilgrims’ Office of Mount Athos in Thessaloniki so that the necessary RESIDENCE PERMIT is issued. The permissible number is 120 persons per day. The transfer is made by boat from Ouranoupolis or Ierissos, where the visitor has to leave the car. These cities, as tourist sites, have all kinds of shops, hotels and parking for cars in order to serve this purpose.

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