Car Rental - SITHONIA

Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Halkidiki Greece. It is not so crowded as Kassandra in the summer months and is offer relaxed holidays. Sithonia combines perfectly the natural beauty of green forests and magical beaches with the picturesqu and unique architecture. The intense coastline relief, forms many isolated beaches and small island, ready to be discovere unimaginable adventure.


Vourvourou - Karidi beach: This is, an exotic beach featuring white sand and rocks, a pine tree grove and turquoise water. Two little rocky capes create an unexpected bay in the eastern part of Vourvourou verifying the uniqueness of this place. The water is almost always calm and warm. Furthermore, it is not at all deep; actually you may walk for several tens of meters into the sea.

Akti Kalogrias beach: Kalogria is a sandy beach and surrounded by many pines and rocks, setting a definite Sithonia s The water is clear and warm.

Elia - Nikiti beach: Elia is a long thin beach south of Nikiti, just after Kalogria & Spathies. The trees bend over the narrow creating a dramatic landscape.

Agios Ioannis - Nikiti beach: This is a very beautiful beach with lots of space, thin white sand and green blue water which tends to deepen rather sharply in some areas of the beach.

Kavourotripes Beach: It is a marvelous beach. It is a long rocky coastline on the east side of Sithonia, interrupted by sm of well hidden sandy beaches thus creating an astonishing natural environment.

Lagomandra beach: Everywhere in Lagomandra, the sea water is excellent and the sea-bottom is sandy and clean. The accessed easily from the main road. The beach is over 1km long and it is divided in three parts by two little rocky capes.

Tristinika - Toroni: This is a spacious sandy beach located in south Sithonia, near Toroni. The white thin sand and the b water makes a perfect contradiction with the mountainous terrain of the place.

Armenistis beach: The beach is long and its white sand that reflects on space. The sea has a pure turquoise color which deep blue offshore marking a contrast between the shelter of the coast and the unknown of the open sea.

Kalamitsi beach: Kalamitsi is a place of exceptional beauty. Rocks and low vegetation are dominant, however there are a The sea is green-blue as always and the sandy beach is embraced by white rocks. The natural environment reminds that Aegean islands further to the south but it is distinctive in its own way.

Other amazing beaches with crystal waters: Platanitsi beach, Akti Salonikiou beach, Ormos Panagias beach, Sarti be Koufo beach, Porto Karras beach, Azapiko beach, Sikia beach, Akti Zografou beach, Klimataria beach.